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10th July


Electronic referents

Influenced by classical and electronic music, but also by pop, postpunk and art-rock, Air is one of the most interesting projects in today’s international music scene. Formed in Versailles, France, Air is the name given to the duo formed by Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel, two musicians who create an impressive musical environment both in their live shows and in their recordings -already eight studio albums, the last of them, “Music for Museum” (2014).

They made a name for themselves in the alternative scene at the end of the 90s, with “Moon Safari” (1998), which included the single “Sexy Boy”, considered their first success. Before that, they had already been collaborating together in their first EP, “Premiers Symptomes” (1995). Its elegant, electronic sound make you go back to past musical movements and trip-hop -a fusion of black music styles such as hip-hop with house- is now on the first line of the electronic scene.

They soon showed their creations could go beyond the studio. So, in 2000, they composed the soundtrack of “The Virgin Suicides”, the first Sofia Coppola’s film, considered Air’s second album. Their alliance went on in other Coppola’s films like “Lost in Translation” or “Marie Antoinette”.