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11th July


Yann Tiersen only

Born in Brest, France, Yann Tiersen keeps capturing a growing audience with his minimalist compositions and catchy melodies. Always with a violin or a piano, his music has been in the soundtracks of European cult films such as “Amélie” or “Good Bye, Lenin”.

Gifted from his early childhood, with abilities for multi-instrumentalism, Tiersen grew up influenced by classical pieces but also by 20th century French rock and chanson. His first compositions can be listened in his first album, “La valse des monstres” (1995), and in the 1996 album “Rue des cascades”, in which he included his first vocal song, a piece that later would be part of the soundtrack of “The dreamlife of angels”, a film by Erick Zonca.

After exploring his musical influences, he soon started looking for unknown horizons. In 2001 he achieved a big success with the soundtrack of “Amélie”, a culminating milestone for Tiersen that led him to show his talent to the whole world.

Although he often teams with orchestras and other solo interpreters that sing his compositions, the Frenchman arrives in Pedralbes to offer a direct, sincere and intimate show, only accompanied by a piano and a violin, in an anthological concert in which he will remember the songs that have made him a cult artist.