Ara Malikian
30 June
22:00 h

Ara Malikian

Violin virtuoso, showman and musical divulger

A violin virtuoso that establishes links between classical and popular music

Ara Malikian (Beirut, 1968) is a renowned Lebanese violin player from Armenian origins living in Spain. He has played in the best venues in the world and as a solo violin player he has played with several prestigious orchestras and directors. In his 15 year career he has done more than 4.000 concerts all over Spain.

He´s also famous because of his links with flamenco, having collaborated with José Luis Montón, Joaquín Cortés and Belén Maya. He has played for Fairuz and with tango, jazz, hip-hop and rock bands. He has also done soundtracks for Pedro Almodóvar.

Recommended discography:

“Payo Bach” (2012)

“Pizzicato” (2013)

“15” (2015)


JUDIT NEDDERMANN (Village Stage – 20.30h)

Judit Neddermann (Vilassar de Mar, 1991) is, even at a young age, an expert singer that has been modelling her voice in many different projects. The most important ones are her collaborations with The Gramophone Allstars, the Brossa Quartet -recording the album “Viatge d´hivern de Franz Schubert”- or Coetus. She also has released two albums of her own, “Tot el que he vist” (2014) and “Un segon” (2016), where she takes her outstanding voice through chanson, jazz, black music or folk territories.

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