14th july


"In Close-Up"

22:00h to 22.40h – 1st part

20 minutes of break

23:00h to 23.40h – 2nd part


The Art of Garfunkel

The New Yorker Art Garfunkel formed with his former schoolmate Paul Simon one of the most relevant musical alliances of the 60s. After their first hit, “The Sound of Silence” (1965), and until they achieved their greatest success with the impressive “Bridge Over Troubled Water” (1970), their production of unforgettable songs placed Simon & Garfunkel as one of the most important folk-rock names of their time, alongside Bob Dylan. “Ms. Robinson”, “Cecilia” or “The Boxer” are other of their classic songs, all of them including original melodies and perfect vocal harmonies.

After the duo parted ways to attend personal projects, Garfunkel explored another field in which he has excelled, acting, with appearances in Mike Nichols’ films “Catch-22” (1970) and “Carnal Knowledge “(1971), that earned him a Golden Globe nomination. But music didn’t stop for Garfunkel, who started his solo career with “Angel Clare” (1973) and succeeded with the singles “Second Avenue” or “I Only Have Eyes For You”. With those albums, he conquered United Kingdom again. Those songs were followed by other notable titles such as “Watermark” (1977) or “Fate for Breakfast” (1979).

With the beginning of the new century, he reunited with Paul Simon for a world tour in which they remembered together their great successes, and he signed a new album, “Everything Waits to Be Noticed”, his debut as songwriter. In fact, poetry is another of the strong points of this polyhedral artist that comes to Barcelona to recover his top musical milestones.

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