La vida por delante (Loquillo y Gabriel Sopeña)



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La vida por delante (Loquillo y Gabriel Sopeña)

In La vida por Delante (1994)-golden record in 1995-and Con elegancia (1998) we sang to more than thirty poets. We never set ourselves a stylistic limit or a time limit for closing the initiative, because it was (and is) a life project: we wanted to recover, from our own attitude, the noble tradition of sung poetry, aware that the singer is only a link in that robust emotional chain that is the song, as a major art: that which has contributed to building the soul of our species outside of fashions, styles or mercantile dictates.
As always, when the Madman and I have started to sing, we intend to share the enjoyment of music, poetry and Life, especially in these difficult times, and therefore claim spaces of humanity and solidarity, exercising our profession as singers with no other boast than the voice and emotion of the verses and guitars. We will propose, as always, a return journey that brings together continents, sensibilities and genres: from Benedetti, Luis Alberto de Cuenca or Aute to the French stitching of Brel and Brassens; or the incomparable pulse and diction of the verses of Johnny Cash or Kris Kristoffersson.

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