from 5th of June to 15th of July 2019

Blas Cantó + Pedro Capó





Pedro Capó


Blas Cantó


Pedro Capó

Pedro Capó carries the music in his DNA, not only because he is the grandson of the legendary Bobby Capó, but because he is everything that lives, breathes and professes. It is through his art that he expresses the most recondite feelings of his being, revealing in each letter and each interpretation a bit of his personal and professional environment.
The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter returns to the music scene with 'Aquila', his new studio album, in which he compiles a series of important experiences in his life. So much so that he has been described by himself as a "very personal" project in which he not only bares his feelings, but also promotes a state of full honesty in a search of greater conviction.

Blas Cantó

Blas Cantó is a pop singer from Murcia. His beginnings in music were in the year 2000 when Blas Cantó participated in the Veo Veo Awards and endend in the first place.

In 2010 he joined the group Auryn, with whom he published four studio albums and won the LOS40 Music Awards and the MTV Europe Music Awards.

With Auryn, Cantó participated in the television program "Tu cara me suena", of which he was proclaimed winner.

From then on, Blas Cantó decided to start his solo career by publishing his first single "In Your Bed" in March of 2017 and in August of the same year he released his second single called "Drunk and Irresponsible".

2018 has been a key year for the artist. After releasing their single 'El No Soy Yo', the numbers grew up: gold disc, platinum disc, more than 55 million views, N.1 in the 40s and one of the most radiated songs in the country.

Now he presents 'I Will Not Go Back Your Steps'. A song with folk rhythms that leaves no one indifferent.

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