from 5th of June to 15th of July 2019

The Chieftains con Carlos Núñez

30 años de música juntos






The Chieftains con Carlos Núñez // 30 años de música juntos

The Festival Jardins Pedralbes will be testimony of the re-encounter between the world leader in Celtic music, Carlos Núñez, and the Irish folk music band The Chieftains.

Although Carlos had met them as a child after a concert in Vigo, his city, and had even played for Paddy Moloney in Brittany, 1989 saw the first collaborations between Carlos Núñez and The Chieftains, live and also in studio.

Three decades have passed in which they have not stopped collaborating. From that soundtrack for Charlton Heston's Treasure Island, "The Long Black Veil" to rock stars like The Rolling Stones, Ry Cooder or Sinead O'Connor, "Santiago" which was the first Grammy for our traditional music, and we can not pass up their joint experiences in Cuba, Brazil or Mexico, in which so many doors have been opened since then.

The Chieftains participate in almost all of Carlos' albums, and vice versa. There are innumerable tours and concerts made all over the world. It is even common for both bands to exchange musicians. But since some years ago they did not coincide together in the scenarios.
For this reunion they have selected those musics, that in some cases they did not touch for decades and the enjoyment that without any doubt will spread to the public.

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