Melody Gardot
30 June
22:00 h

Melody Gardot

Melody Gardot anula su actuación de hoy en el Festival Jardins de Pedralbes por enfermedad

La cantante y compositora Melody Gardot, que hoy mismo tenía prevista su actuación en el festival Jardins de Pedralbes a las 22h.,  ha suspendido de manera repentina su actuación en Barcelona.

La artista se encuentra actualmente en París  y según especifica el parte médico la cancelación se debe a fuertes dolores de espalda y fatiga general que le impiden el movimiento.

El importe de las entradas será devuelto en los próximos días. Se está intentando cerrar una nueva fecha con la artista en Barcelona durante su gira de el otoño para el Festival del Mil·lenni.

* * *

The sublime delicacy of a new queen of vocal jazz

A great composer and even better singer, Melody Gardot is already, at only 30, a great jazz and singing diva

Melody Gardot is only 30 years old, but it´s as if she had lived two lives, after surviving a traffic accident –she was riding her bike and a car went through a red light- that almost killed her when she was 18. With a seriously injured body and brain damage, she had to learn to live again, slowly and painfully, until music helped her to start a brand new life.

Playing guitar and composing songs helped her to recover after the accident. While she still was at the hospital, she started to record what would be her first album, “Worrisome Heart” (2006), released first by an independent label and after by the prestigious Verve, thus certifying the quality of her “smooth jazz”, closely linked to Laura Nyro, Joni Mitchell, Judy Garland and Nina Simone.

Gardot has kept on developing the latin beats with “The Absence” (2012), a third album recorded with the Brazilian producer Heitor Pereira, the former guitar player of Simply Red. Influenced by her constant travels, its sensuous perfection is a bit more exotic, including samba, tango, bossa nova and calypso hints. All the compositions are of her own, and this is something that highlights even more her outstanding voice, with the saudade of songs such as “Amalia”, “Lisboa” or “Se voce me ama”.

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