13th June


"Songs of Cinema"

A romantic evening with Michael Bolton

With Russian roots -his real surname is Bolotin-, Michael Bolton is undoubtedly one of the kings of the pop ballad and that kind of ‘white soul’ known as ‘blue-eyed soul’. Born in the United States 64 years ago, he arrives in Barcelona this summer with 17 studio albums on his back, nine number-ones earned and millions of romantic evenings inspired by him.

He started his career as a heavy metal singer, in the band Blackjack, and he even opted to replace Ozzy Osbourne at Black Sabbath -legend says…-. But his solo career would make him follow the path of pop, taking advantage of the fact that his ‘metalized’ voice had become strong with hard rock, a genre full of ballads. The metamorphosis made him the greatest crooner of the 80’s. At the end of that decade, and especially with the advent of the 90’s, he would record his greatest hits, arguably “When a Man Loves a Woman” and “How I Am Supposed to Live Without You “, songs that have marked an entire generation.

In his latest studio work, “Songs of Cinema” (2017), he changes his usual style and covers classic cinema songs, maintaining his essence and giving his personal touch. By the way, lately he has entered the acting world from an unusual angle: comedy. Last Valentine’s Day, he played himself in a crazy special show produced by Netflix: “Michael Bolton’s big, sexy Valentine’s day special”. Just a break before going back to his usual job: filling the stages with romance.

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