RSC – Banc dels Aliments

The Festival collaborates once again with associations and organizations working for social integration and inclusion. A collaboration that allows these partnerships to visualize your day. This year’s Festival will feature members of the Foundation Center for Mental Hygiene Cortes, the Spanish Commission of Aid CEAR to refugees and new partnerships starting this year their collaboration as Lengua de Signos IlsArt Interpreting in artistic world, the Catalan Association for Peace and Music Workshop – Martí Marfà.

Among the tasks that develop these associations are members of the public attention, coordination and support tasks in gardening, among others. Some of them act as a support band Space Village, giving voice to new talent with proposals before the main actions and others as members of IlsArt (Lengua de Signos Interpreting the skating world) interact some of the artists in concerts.

Great food Recapte

The festival collaborates with the Food Bank, requesting the attendees to ZAZ concert (29th June) to bring food (oil, milk or canned goods) to pick up tons and tons of it and support the initiative “hunger does not take holidays.”