The garden

Festival Jardins Pedralbes

At only some minutes distance from the Barcelona center, behind a wall covered with bougainvilleas there is one of the lungs of Barcelona and one of the prettiest gardens that we can find in the city: the gardens of the Pedralbes Palace, an excellent place to run, walk and, why not? To rest. Discover them!

Right after trespassing the forge door of the facade in front of the Diagonal avenue, you will find an oval pond and in a little slope you will see grass, laurels and orange trees. To the left and the right start the sand paths. They intertwine through all the park, and they allow to discover every corner. In the central esplanade, surrounded by ivy, there are some giant lime trees and some huge Japanese spindle (Euonymusjaponicus). We recommend you to sit below the lime trees at dusk or early in the morning. You will be able to listen to the birds and enjoy peacefully the Barcelona open air.

Among a hundred-year-old pine trees, laurels, bamboos and eucalyptus we can find a reservoir and, very close, a parabolic pergola covered by climbing plants. It was designed by Gaudí, so it´s quite likely that you encounter some people who have come to visit it expressly.

The big stars of the garden are an ensemble of 23 Himalaya cedars (Cedrus deodara), particularly one that is listed in the Barcelona Local Interest Tree Catalogue, and also a pine tree (Pinuspea) located in the esplanade in front of the palace, and a white cedar (Tetraclinisarticulata) very close to the pond in the entrance. The next time you come for a walk we invite you to discover the four exceptionally rare ash trees (Fraxinusornus) and also a savin (Juniperusphoenicea).

Other species that we can find strolling through the paths of the garden: Atlas cedars (Cedrusatlantica), Japanese cedars (Cryptomeriajaponica), incense cedar (Calocedrusdecurrens), several pine trees among which the Pinushalepensis, cypress (Cupressusmacrocarpa), Arizona cypress (Cupressus glabra), white cedar (Thujaorientalis), lime tree (Tilia tomentosa), eucalyptus (Eucalyptusglobulus) and a little forest of bamboo (Phyllostachyssp.). As far as bushes are concerned, we can highlight big laurels (Laurusnobilis), box (Buxussempervirens) and some strawberry trees (Arbutusunedo).