The Palace

Palau_Reial_PedralbesThe Pedralbes Royal Palace is the building that you can see between the palm trees, once you have followed the paths of the gardens, in the Les Corts district, in Barcelona.

In front of the palace there is a big semicircular square with a grandstand adorned with busts sculpted in white marble. Presiding the square there is a sculpture of the queen Isabel II holding her son Alfonso XII in her arms, with a pond in the middle surrounded by flowerpots with geraniums. There are some other sculptures in the background that complement the ornamentation of such an exotic space.

Not only it´s a beautiful place, it also has lots of history. Before becoming –from 1919 until 1931- the residence of the royal Spanish family in their visits to Barcelona, it belonged to Eusebi Güell, who commissioned the reform of the small palace to Joan Martorell. The architect gave a Caribbean touch to the building, and he also added a neogothic chapel.

Walking through the gardens of the palace we can discover two works of the legendary Antoni Gaudí: a parabolic pergola covered by climbing plants and, in a little corner, the Hercules fountain, with a forged iron dragon head from which water pours. Surprisingly, this fountain was hidden by the vegetation, and its existence was only discovered in 1984, one century after it had been built.

We invite you to discover this unusual place; an open air museum in the heart of the city.