The Project

The Project

Six years ago we started to work on a music project for the city of Barcelona. We dreamed of a wide space, in the open air, in touch with nature and with a historic appeal. We found the name of the project: “DO” which means many things: in Catalan it means having a talent, in Catalan and Spanish the “C” musical key and also the origin guarantee  (D. O.). In English it also pushed to action: “Do Barcelona!”.

We do like music and we do love Barcelona; these are the two passions that moved us to create the festival. With the support of the Barcelona city council and the Conselleria de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya the idea was brought to fruition and we kept on working in order to offer a quality music project to add to the ones already existing so that, together, they made of Barcelona a music city.

After the venue was chosen, the force of the name of the palace made us change our minds regarding the original name; we thought that we should highlight the building and its roots, and that nothing else would catch better the attention of people than its history. The project´s first name was Jardins del Palau Reial de Pedralbes, and its family name would be Festival de Música de Barcelona.

We visited very often the gardens, we observed how the people went there to walk, run or take a break from urban life for a little while, and in those visits the graphic image and the attributes we wanted for the festival appeared. The venue transpired fresh air, freedom, elegance, romanticism, prestige, life, emotion, mystery…  Both the festival and the artistic proposal had to be like that.

They will be nights with big names of the international scene. We are preparing an auditorium to enjoy the performances and we want to provide excellent facilities for the best possible experience. To enhance the fact that, very close to the heart of the city, there is a summer festival in the open air.

Jimi Hendrix said that music doesn´t lie. For him and for all those who believe that music can change things and transform lives, we have made this festival.