Tom Jones
29 June
22:00 h

Tom Jones

The Welsh Tiger is always a safe bet

Tom Jones is living a second youth with his powerful voice that transforms everything he sings into gold

Tom Jones will come back to Pedralbes as a festival safe bet. Plethoric, with his powerful voice that transforms everything he sings into gold, no matter if it´s pop, rock, rhythm and blues, country, gospel or standards.

He´s coming with the new album “Long Lost Suitcase” that completes the trilogy “Praise and Blame” (2010) and “Spirit In The Room” (2012) in which he brings to his domain a collection of some of his favourite songs: Bob Dylan, Hank Williams, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Leonard Cohen, Willie Dixon or Los Lobos.

The Welsh Tiger sounds like an authentic rocker, looks like an Apalache pioneer, cries the blues with conviction and keeps a very special remembrance to his former friend Elvis Presley in a set that would be the perfect soundtrack for the autobiography “Over The Top And Back”, in which he explains a career that has led him to become Sir Tom Jones.

Recommended Discography:

“Praise & Blame” (2010)

“Spirit In The Room” (2012)

“Long Lost Suitcase” (2015)


INVISIBLE HARVEY (Village Stage – 20.30h)

Dimas Rodríguez Gallego is a polyvalent artist, screenwriter, movie director and musician, known as La Banda Municipal del Polo Norte´s guitar player. For his solo debut he has chosen the name of Invisible Harvey, getting his inspiration from a James Stewart film. The songs of “La puerta giratoria” mix sense of humor, romantic desire and unusual characters, dressed up with dreamy and sweet atmospheres, where trumpets live together with mellotrons, string arrangements and guitars, somewhere between Orange Juice and El Niño Gusano.

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